Specific Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions are important for both you and the owner of the website as they have been designed to create a legally binding agreement between us, protecting your rights as a customer and our as company.

Please read carefully these terms and our Privacy Policy before purchase any product or service in this website.

Currently, the purchases of products and services through BAILOTEA can only be made in English and Spanish.

The website owner shall keep a copy of these terms linked to each purchase. The user can request copies of these terms and conditions by sending an email to the following address: [email protected].

The purpose of this platform is to be used for learning and sharing information related to dance classes. Any other information, whether or not commercial in nature, both on this website or the Social Networks profiles of BAILOTEA will be deleted. The company reserves the right to terminate the accounts of users who do not have an adequate behavior to the theme of this platform, as well as any other behavior deemed as inappropriate or detrimental to the right of the company or third parties.

In the event that these Terms and Conditions are modified, users shall be informed of the changes publicly on our platform. Since the publication of the changes, these Terms shall govern the relations between BAILOTEA and our customers.


Contractual Terms

The Customers

The Customer must necessarily register through the appropriate registration form, providing personal information and, if so wished, also complete its profile, adding hometown, photo and rhythms or dance styles of its interest. The Customer can review the Privacy Policy of BAILOTEA.


The Company

BAILOTEA is a Spanish company that is governed by the rules, laws and jurisdiction of that country.

Identification Data from the Service Provider:

NIF: B-98585987
Commercial Registry of Valencia: Volume 9713, Book 6995, Folio 117, Section 1, Page: V-156803
Address: Colón Street #7, 4th, 46004 - Valencia, Spain.
Email: [email protected]


Subject of the Contract

There are various products and services subject to purchase:

  • Courses: training in different rhythms and dance styles that can be acquired according to the user interest. There are some free classes eventually, as demo, so that the user can evaluate the methods of our instructors.

    The courses will be provided through video streaming and the use of this content in any other platform not provided by BAILOTEA is forbidden, unless the express written permission of the company is granted. Any behavior that violates these rules may be subject to legal action by BAILOTEA.

    IMPORTANT: the acquisition of one or more courses, as well as any Virtual Item for the Virtual Dance Hall (see below) will not be subject to any kind of refund. This rule shall apply even in cases where the Customer do not start the course or do not complete it. The Course, once purchased, will be available to the Customer for a period of two months starting from the time of the purchase. In no case, users are allowed to access the Courses, record them or reproduce them through other modalities different to those provided by BAILOTEA.
  • Virtual Items: The Customer may acquire virtual items to decorate its own Virtual Dance Hall. These are not real items but digital designs, drawings, animations, etc. The acquisition of any virtual item will not be entitled to a refund. These virtual items may only be acquired by redeeming Steps (see below).


Methods of Purchase


To purchase any of our courses you have 2 options:

  • Express Checkout: is a quick and direct purchase of the selected course.
  • Buy with current balance: where you can buy the course using your account balance if you have previously purchased one or more Packs of Courses.


Packs of Courses: You can buy courses packs to obtain discounts when purchasing more than one course.

The Packs of Courses have the following details:

  • Pack Rookie: entitles 1 course; and costs € 8.00 including indirect taxes.
  • Pack Dancer: entitles 3 courses; and costs € 22.00 including indirect taxes.
  • Pack Freak: entitles 5 courses; and costs € 33.00 including indirect taxes.


Both the Express Checkout as well as buying Packs of Courses are secured transactions processed through PayPal.


Virtual Items

To make your experience in BAILOTEA even funnier, you can acquire Virtual Items to decorate your Virtual Dance Hall, using only steps.

For this you need to accumulate and redeem steps through our platform.

You must remember that these are only virtual items.



All prices include VAT (Value Added Tax) and are quoted in Euros (€). For every purchase made, BAILOTEA will send an email with the purchase breakdown, i.e. description of the pack purchased, unit price per pack, VAT breakdown and total price.



IMPORTANT: When purchasing a Course there is no right to any refund, even if the Course is not started or finished. The Virtual Items to decorate the Virtual Dance Hall are not entitled to a refund either.


Quick Use Guide

You can quickly start your experience in BAILOTEA visiting our Quick Use Guide.


Terms Glossary

  • Customer: shall be considered as Customer whom has been duly registered through the corresponding electronic form of BAILOTEA.
  • Balance: the amount of money in your BAILOTEA user account. You can buy packs of courses and the amount is transferred to your account balance for the subsequent purchase of Courses.
  • Packs of Courses: are prepaid packages of Courses which offers discounts when buying more than one Course.
  • Step: is the reward for your efforts learning and having fun. Each time you start or complete a Course, you get "steps" that can be redeemed for Virtual Items.
  • Course: dancing lessons that can be purchased through BAILOTEA. The Courses are taught by qualified teachers.
  • Virtual Dance Hall: the virtual space of each user in BAILOTEA, for which you can acquire Virtual Items and decorate to your taste, converting it in a unique and fun place.
  • Virtual Items: virtual objects that are used to decorate the Virtual Dance Hall. These are not real objects.


Last Revision: April 2014